Was Julius Caesar a military genius?

Is Caesar a military genius? Julius Caesar undoubtly had a strong greed for power, his military tactics in war were simplistic, he was well known for being inspiring and being in the front line of battle. However, it is debatable that he was a genius at all. His rise to power brought not one, but two civil wars in Rome, and the end of democracy. He slain thousands and enslaved many more. Yet the magnitude of land conquered by a period of 16 years, is a feat for any man to do in history, which crowns him a military genius.

Before judging him as a genius or not we need to understand the life of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar rose from a military assistant to soon the most powerful leader of 20,000 men. Whether in the realms of military hierarchy or political allies he accomplishes all early in his life. Though he was from a wealth family and finding men to support his campaign Caesar. His most notable military achievements is the conquering the area of Gual, despite being defeated by Vercingetorix (young leader elected by Gallic) by rebels, he quickly recovered and created a huge blockade. After a long stand the Romans win the first major battle, and the Gallic surrender.

Later, the Romans fearful of his power demand that he surrenders his power and return alone to Rome. Perhaps Caesar anger towards his only Childs death, or ruthlessness starts a civil war hunting his rival, and Pompey. The chase ends when Pompey is stabbed on the beach of Egypt while fleeing. Later Caesar helps Cleopatra successfully suppress forces and leaves towards Rome. His return and triumph is celebrated in a grand finale. And shows his achievements of his victories in Gual, Egypt and Asia Minor.

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